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Contact: Kate Vickers
Address 14 Vernon street Coffs Harbour NSW 2450 Phone: 0266001783 Website: https://octec.org.au/

Business Description

OCTEC is committed to working to support people who are disadvantaged within our community. Our organisation exists to help create a fairer and more equitable society. One of our key values is respect for everyone who uses and delivers our services regardless of their gender, race, religion, disability or socio-economic background.
This key value is reflected in our recruitment practices which are merit-based and which aim to provide equal opportunity of employment regardless of gender, race, religion, disability or socio-economic background. OCTEC firmly believes that maintaining a diverse workforce which reflects the characteristics of the communities we serve is a critical element to quality service provision.
OCTEC is committed to providing a rewarding, productive and safe work environment. Specifically, staff can expect:
• Recruitment and selection practices that are fair and in keeping with equal opportunity and anti-discrimination legislation.
• Employment under appropriate Award conditions.
• Provision of a healthy and safe workplace, in accordance with occupational health and safety legislation.
• Provision of induction and orientation information including the objectives and goals of OCTEC.
• Regular and ongoing review and feedback on individual and unit performance.
• Access to development opportunities in accordance with identified needs.

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14 Vernon street Coffs Harbour NSW 2450