Coffs Coast Business Expo

18th September 2019

2019/09/18 09:00:00

Venue: C.ex Coffs

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The Coffs Coast Business Expo is a platform to highlight the extensive diversity of businesses throughout the Coffs Coast and somewhere for the businesses community to showcase their product and services. The Expo provides an opportunity to network, share ideas, engage local services and support ‘Shop Local / Buy Local’.

Theme of the Coffs Coast Business Expo:

Complimenting the beliefs of the local community and the regions brand identity, the following themes of the event will project a positive image of Coffs Harbour:

  1. Soft Skills – Customer Service / interpersonal & Product Knowledge
  2. Technical – Jobs of tomorrow and the influence of Artificial Intelligence
  3. Youth Unemployment
  4. Millennials – How to adapt and engage with this generation
  5. Our Environment – Sustainability, Cost Efficiency, Waste.


  1. Create a greater awareness of the types of businesses we have in our own region.
  2. Encourage businesses to work more closely together – i.e. buying products / services locally rather than out of region – ‘Shop Local / Buy Local’.
  3. Create awareness / knowledge of success stories of local businesses and how they engaged state and federal levels of government to expand their businesses.
  4. Show how ‘tourism and events’ have an effect on all businesses in the local region. Coffs is a ‘destination’ and events hub.


The event is unique in that it will offer B2B opportunities while at the same time raising a greater awareness to the wider community of the businesses we have in our own backyard.

It will also provide the community with an opportunity to learn more about our local economy and what it may look like in the future.

The Expo provides the platform for networking opportunities; the opportunity for businesses to engage local services / contracts and support local businesses to embrace ‘Shop Local / Buy Local’.

Dominic Mehling

Speaker: Dominic Mehling

Industry Relations Manager, Tourism Australia

Join Dominic Mehling from Tourism Australia’s Industry Relations team for an informative overview of Tourism Australia’s current international activity, latest international market insights and tips for how to best use the resources and partnership opportunities available…read more

Leah Daniels

Speaker: Leah Daniels

Entrepreneur, Naturopath & Health Professional

Join Leah as she shares her experiences in setting up a new concept store and how in just one year Nourished Earth has grown into an established and trusted brand on the Mid North Coast…read more

Jeffrey Cooke

Speaker: Jeff Cooke

Regional Manager, Hunter North Coast

Here is a brief outline of what Jeff will be presenting: Apprenticeship Support Australia, Apprenticeships and Traineeships, state and federal government funding and Skillsroad – a resource for employers, apprentices, jobseekers, parents, teachers and careers advisors…read more

Simon O’Dell

Speaker: Simon O’Dell

Social Entrepreneur & CEO, Insurtech Australia

After 10 years in the Insurance Industry, feeling stifled from a lack of innovation, Simon travelled, learnt new crafts and completed an MBA. Simon then began M&A and tech innovation consulting, servicing the insurance industry across the US, UK and Australia… more

Michael Thurston

Speaker: Michael Thurston

General Manager, Destination North Coast

Having first fallen in love with the North Coast of NSW as a university student Michael has ever since endeavoured to reside in and promote this spectacular region…read more

Melanie Zander

Interactive Workshop: Melanie Zander

Founder & Leader, MJA Business Solutions

Melanie Zander is the founder and leader of MJA Business Solutions and partner in MJA Financial Services. When she launched MJA in 2007, she had been a practicing accountant for nearly a decade…read more

Andrew Mitchell

Speaker: Andrew Mitchell

General Manager, Coffs Harbour Fishermen’s Cooperative

Andrew is currently enjoying the challenge of revitalising the Fishermen’s Coop, focusing on new distribution strategies and the potential for redevelopment…read more

Paul Harper

Speaker: Paul Harper

August 23rd 2018 @ 11:05am – 11:25am & 1:35pm – 1:55pm

Paul is excited to share the story behind this Bellingen based start-up, a story centred around delivering exceptional customer experiences…read more

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